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About :

Holy Dream Public School is an Arabic Com-English Medium school' was established at Pantha Chowk, Srinagar J&K on 1st day of March 2012, under the guidance and supervision of Dr.Meraj-ud-Din Nadvi Alig. The school provides internationally acknowledged English medium programs plus Islamic/Arabic studies for children from the ages of 3 - 5, transforming young individuals into God-conscious, highly motivated, caring and responsible global citizens.

We ensure that our students feel secure developing their self-confidence in a supportive, busy and active environment where learning is central to all we do. Children are encouraged to work and play together, to share and to think of others. Our school strives to be a place where both students and staff respect each other and enjoy working in harmony together. We have high expectations for our students and we work hard to help them to realize their potential. We recognize children’s diverse abilities and interests, and thus provide a wide range of programs to meet these individual needs.

Your child will make new friends, meet new ideas and be confronted with exciting challenges!

The school was setup to impart education to the children with the main Aims and Objectives as follows:

  • Providing safe, nurturing, stimulating, ideal, ideal learning environment to imbibe Islamic values at an early age.
  • Bright, large and attractive classrooms.
  • To enhance intellectual development, providing activity based learning like puzzles, drawings, craft play etc.
  • Audio-visual facilities to impart knowledge.
  • Dedicated and enthusiastic staff to take care of the children.
  • Colorful and Educational toys arouse the children to learn.
  • Peaceful, hygienic and natural atmosphere.
  • Stimulates listening skills, language skills, helps establish reading & writing readiness and promotes a secure, pleasant Islamic personality


General Instruction:

·        Students are not allowed to bring mobile phones to school. 

·        Students are expected to keep the campus and classroom neat and clean. Make use of the waste paper basket or dustbin

·        It is compulsory to speak in English within the School campus.   Children should not wear ornaments.  

·         No parent is permitted to visit children in their class rooms. 

·          Students must come to school in proper & neatly uniform and wear clean clothe

·         Wish every teacher

·        Wish the teacher when he/she enters or leaves the classroom.

·        Pupil must be present at School five minutes before the first bell.

·        Attendance is compulsory at all School functions.

·        No student will be allowed to appear for any terminal examination unless all School dues have been cleared before the          respective examination

·        Without the written request from the parents / guardian and permission from the Principal, pupil will not be allowed to leave            the School during the School hours.


·       The school requests the kind co-operation of the Parents / Guardian so as to ensure that qualitative education and discipline is instilled in the child. Towards this objective it is important that the School and the Parents / Guardian have to work in close co-operation.

·    We would therefore request the Parents / Guardian to adhere to the following :

·          The child is regular and punctual to School.

·         The child is neatly and smartly dressed.

·         The health and hygiene of the child is taken care of.

·         The child is encouraged to take part in Extra and Co-curricular Activities in the School.

·         Read the Hand Book carefully and make a note of the important things in it.

·         It is compulsory for the children to speak in English within the School campus.

·         See that your children aim at full attendance and punctuality.

·         Irregular attendance, neglect of home assignment, disobedience and disrespect towards elders and members of the staff or bad       moral influence, justify disciplinary action.

·         The School Diary to be perused daily and signed when required with special reference to :-

·         Late Attendance Record.

·         Leave Record.

·         Inter School Competition.

·         Teacher’s Note to Parents.

·         Exam/ Test time Table and Portions for the same

·         We would request the Parents to see that the students keep their Text / Note books neatly and carry only those books required as per time table.

·         The Home Assignment Book is perused daily to monitor the Home Assignments given.

·         Parents are requested to see that the students do their Home Work regularly.

·         Parents can meet the Class/Subject teachers on every Saturday between 12.45 p.m. and 1.45 p.m.

·         The Health Record will be forwarded to you immediately on re-opening of School. Kindly complete the relevant column of the Health Record and return the same to the School within a week. Please monitor the weight of your child.

·         Pupil is responsible for their own books, pencils, Tiffin carriers or any other article they may bring to School.

·         It is forbidden to write or scribble on the walls, throw paper or ink about the classroom, or damage the School property. Damage done must be paid and made good.


·         Please pay the School fees on time.







“If you think that your child would enjoy HDPS, please arrange to visit the school”


    Dr.Meraj Ud Din Nadvi Alig